Wheels with several pockets in which chain can run to change the point of an applied force. Keyed to a shaft, Load Chain Sheaves lift furnace and oven doors, vents and other process equipment.
Wheels with several pockets, not designed to support loads. Hand Chain Sheaves are opening and closing mechanisms that actuate valves or open and close windows.
Idler chain sheaves are grooved and used to redirect load chain.
A wheel with a groove for holding rope or cable, the words sheave and pulley are sometimes used interchangeably.


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HC1150 w/ Chain Guide

11-1/2″ OD, Aluminum, 19 Pockets, 8 lbs

LC550 5000 lbs WLL

5-1/2″ OD, Ductile Iron, 5 Pockets, 15 lbs

RPS057 20in Outside Diameter

CNC turned and milled